Dear Internet Users:

Receive my cordial greeting and my most sincere wishes for peace and well-being in the Lord.

From the last century Pope Paul VI invited to value and use the media:

“Placed at the service of the gospel, they offer the possibility of extending almost without limits the audio-visual field of the Word of God, bringing the Good News to millions of people. The Church will feel guilty before God but will employ those powerful means, which the human intelligence perfects more and more” (EN 45).

At the present time Pope John Paul II (q.e.p.d.) invited pastoral agents to enter the realism and confidence in the network of modern communication and asked us not to be afraid to navigate the vast ocean of information technology.

In turn, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications has recently motivated us to use the Internet in evangelization:

“The Internet is important for many activities and programs of the Church: evangelization, which includes both re-evangelization and new evangelization and the traditional missionary work ad gentes; Catechesis and other types of education; News and information; Apologetics, government and administration; And some forms of pastoral counseling and spiritual direction. Although the virtual reality of cyberspace can not replace the real and interpersonal community or the embodied reality of the sacraments and liturgy, or the immediate and direct proclamation of the Gospel, it can complement them, draw people to a fuller life experience Of faith and enrich the religious life of the users, while giving them their religious experiences. It also provides the Church with the means to communicate with particular groups —Youth and adults, the elderly and disabled, people living in remote areas, members of other religious communities – who otherwise could hardly”

Encouraged by these invitations we inform you that our Particular Church puts at your disposal the page www.arquidiocesisacapulco.org. Through this space we want to share with you the pastoral care of our Archdiocese, as well as to put at your disposal various materials of evangelization.

We have started with simplicity and modesty, but convinced that among all we can enrich this valuable tool and take advantage of it in pastoral action. We look forward to your participation and your valuable comments or suggestions.

 Juan Navarro Castellanos

+ Auxiliary Bishop of Acapulco


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