General Data



The Archdiocese of Acapulco is located in the coastal zone of the State of Guerrero, covering 19 of the 75 municipalities of the state. It has an area of 18,603 square kilometers, within which three PASTORAL REGIONS are distinguished by the different features they present:


  1. a) The region large coast: formed by 5 municipalities; Petatlán, Técpan, Atoyac, Benito Juarez (San Jerónimo) and Coyuca de Benítez.
  2. b) he small coastal region: formed by 13 municipalities; San Marcos, Tecoanapa, Ayutla de los Libres, Florencio Villarreal (Cruz Grande), Copala, San Luis Acatlán, Cuauhtepec, Azoyú, Ometepec, Cuajinicuilapa, Igualapa, Xochistlahuaca and Tlacuachistlahuaca.
  3. c) The region of the Municipality of Acapulco.


The mestizo population predominates, by its number, although there are other ethnic minorities, such as indigenous and black. The Indians (Amuzgos, Mixtecos, Nahuatl, Tlapanecos) make up 15% of the population of the Costa Chica, while blacks make up 10%. The whites are very scarce.