Five Traits of a Modern Marketing Leader

Are you the leader in your market? If you are, then you may expect that everyone else wants your market share. Thus, everyone is your opponent and your job is to defend your territory.

If you got smart competitors, they won’t attack head-on. Instead, they will choose areas of weakness where you haven’t defended yourself and exploit them to their own advantage. Little by little, they will swipe your customers, take your share, disrupt your markets, and watch in amusement as your resources are scattered fighting little distractions here and there. That’s what attackers do.

If you want to keep your leadership in the market, you should know the basics. After all, if you don’t understand the value of the market leadership position, you won’t appreciate why it’s so important to fight to keep it.

Being the marketing leader is important. That is because most customers prefer to buy from leaders; not because of the revenue. Your customers create market leaders. They perceive leaders to be better (otherwise why would they be leaders?) and they perceive leaders to be a safer purchase. People are like sheep. If the majority votes you the best, the majority must be right. So they buy from where everyone else buys, thus strengthening the leader’s position.

If you want to become the marketing leader in your market, here are some tips provided by Advertising Age: