How to effectively handle customer complaints

When someone complaints about their experience with your business, you should know how to properly handle those complaints. Being able to handle complaints properly is a great skill to have whether you are running a small business or a large corporation.

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Some business owners allow their customers to complain when they are not satisfied with the products or service they purchase from the company. They do this strategy so that they will be able to understand the impression of their clients towards the product or service they are offering to them.

So whether or not you follow such strategy to know what your customers think about your business, it is important for you to handle complaints and know how to value these complaints.

Complaint handling is a strategic tool and all businesses and organizations need to make a commitment to address complaints in a professional manner. Unfortunately, handling complaints these days is very misunderstood and undervalued in business.

According to researches, 70% of unsatisfied customers will return if their complaint is resolved favourably. Also 95% of unsatisfied customers will return if you resolve their complaint on the spot. Complaining customers are really a treasure. That means there is great value in resolving complaints. Remember, it takes six (6) times more effort to attract new customers than to retain existing customers.

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